Hiking to Tower Arch in Arches National Park

Tower Arch Trail is a great moderate hike with world-famous views. Located within Arches National Park, this moderate rocky romp features beautiful sandstone spires and, of course, an arch. The best part? You won’t see the arch until the end, giving you a real reward for your efforts.

Where is Tower Arch?

Tower arch is nestled between the Klondike Bluffs within Arches National Park. To reach the trailhead, you’ll want to head into the main entrance of the park. Head down Arches Scenic Drive until you reach the Salt Valley Road cutoff. This trail winds its way through the gorgeous landscape before reaching some flats.

At the Klondike Bluffs Road junction, veer left. Continue down the road until you reach the park. Klondike Bluffs Road is unpaved. Most cars can make it to the trailhead if you take your time.

As one of the further out trails in the park, Tower Arch has less people than many of the other hikes in Arches National Park.

Practical Information

The Tower Arch Trail wanders between the Klondike Bluffs and Marching Man formation before turning the corner to Tower Arch. You can loop the formations by adding an additional 3 miles to your hike, but most of the way is flat and not nearly as exciting as the Tower Arch Trail. Before you hit the Tower Arch Trail, be prepared with these quick trail facts.

Mileage: 2.4 out-and-back
Elevation Gain: 600 Feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated Time: 2 hours with stops for photos
Dogs Allowed? No

Pro Tip: Shade is hard to come by. Be sure to pack plenty of sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, or even a sun shirt). Also, the desert is a dry place, so bring plenty of water and a few salty snacks to stay hydrated and happy.

Hiking Guide to Tower Arch

Start along the trailhead and climb a steep (but short) section until you reach a plateau. From here you can see both the Klondike Bluffs and Marching Man formations. Marching Man is the tall, beautiful fin of rock out to the left, while the undulating cluster of rock towers on the right is the Klondike Bluffs.

Continue along the trail until you reach the Marching Man Viewpoint. From here you can spot the marching men, but Tower Arch is still out of view.

You’ll climb just a bit more and turn the corner around the Klondike Bluffs. From here, it’s a short walk towards the bluffs to spot the arch.

Just above the arch, you’ll find a hoodoo or spire of rock. This is what gives Tower Arch its name. As you make your way across the slick rock, you can get up close and personal with this archway. Photo opportunities are everywhere so pack your camera.

As one of my favorite hikes in Arches National Park, you’ll want to carve out some time for Tower Arch. Sure, it doesn’t get as much attention as its famous neighbors, but this must-see arch is a great place to escape the crowds in Arches National Park.