Visiting the La Sal Mountains in Utah

An hour and 15 minutes outside of Moab, you’ll find an oasis in the alpine. The La Sal Mountains offer up a reprieve from the oppressive desert heat and give you a sky-high view of the incredible red stone landscape below. The perfect base camp for those that want to explore a little more than just the desert.

Where Are the La Sal Mountains?

Almost any easterly view in Moab makes the La Sal Mountains easy to spot. These soaring peaks stretch across the southeastern edge of Moab. The tallest point is marked by Mount Peale, a 12,726-foot tall mountain that’s often covered in snow for most of the year.

Often creating a dramatic backdrop for an already epic landscape, the La Sals are somewhat of an orientation point.

Take US-191 south of town and head east on Old Airport Road in Spanish Valley. From here, you can pick up the La Sal Mountain Loop, the easiest way to access this small, but mighty range. You can reach most of the activities from this drive and it’s truly stunning, making it a must-do day trip from Moab.

Things to Do in the La Sal Mountains

Although most people come to Moab to experience the magic of the desert, the La Sal Mountains still have a wide offering of activities. From world-famous single-track bike routes to a relaxing day fishing in the alpine, there’s an activity for everyone in the La Sal Mountains. A few of our favorites include:

  • Scenic driving along the La Sal Mountain Loop
  • Epic mountain biking including the famous Whole Enchilada
  • Fishing in one of the many lakes
  • Camping
  • ATV riding
  • Mountain hiking

How Much Time Should I Spend in the La Sal Mountains?

If you would prefer cooler-weather camping during the heat of summer, and you don’t mind the extra driving, then staying in the La Sal Mountains is an excellent option. A day or two in the La Sal’s is perfect since you’ll get a much-needed break from the heat. The La Sal Mountain Loop gives you an entirely different view of Moab and is well worth the day trip for those who are in town for longer than a weekend. However, if you’re into ATV riding, mountain biking, or fishing, you might want to plan for more time here.

Camping in the La Sal Mountains

One of the biggest perks of the La Sal Mountains is excellent camping. Camping in the La Sal Mountains gives you a little reprieve from the heat. Campsites are located next to lakes with ample fishing and have a few key amenities. In general, they are much further from other notable Moab attractions such as Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

The La Sal Mountains are an excellent day trip from Moab and give you a sense of a different flavor of this unique landscape. Choose to head out on a scenic drive or camp in this spectacular environment.

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