Everything You Need to Know to Visit Island in the Sky

Check out the beautiful view atop sheer sandstone cliffs at the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park. Spanning canyon views and breathtaking scenery make this incredible slice of desert a must-see attraction. Located close to Moab, it is an easy day trip there and back.

Where is Island in the Sky?

Just north of Moab on US-191, you’ll find SR-313. Simply drive 22 miles southwest from the turnoff to reach the Island in the Sky park entrance. You’ll pass the entrance for Dead Horse Point State Park along the way. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the Island in the Sky Visitor Center from Moab.

How Much Time Do I Need to Visit?

You can spend anywhere from an afternoon to several days visiting Island in the Sky. It really depends on what you would like to do while you visit. The iconic views of Island in the Sky can easily be seen in a day, while more intrepid adventures such as White Rim Road, take several days to see.

Plan your visit according to what activities you enjoy. Don’t forget to plan to see other areas of Canyonlands National Park too.

Things to Do in Island in the Sky

Get up close to the canyon’s edge and enjoy world-class views, hikes, and more at Island in the Sky. Check out the meandering Colorado and Green rivers as they snake their way through this impressive canyon system. Here’s a look at some must-do activities in Island in the Sky.

Pro Tip: You’ll need a permit to visit the White Rim Road - even just for the day. Apply in advance if you plan to visit in Spring or Fall.

Practical Tips for Visiting Canyonlands Island in the Sky

Be in the know before you go. Visiting Island in the Sky requires a little pre-planning. As an expert in desert travel, I’ve listed a few handy tips to keep in mind before you go.

  • Stay on marked trails, pack out your trash. This keeps the landscape nice for the next visitor.
  • Make reservations in advance. Island in the Sky is well worth the trip, but you’ll want to pick up permits in advance to make sure you can visit all your favorite places.
  • Consider getting a park’s pass. If you’re visiting Island in the Sky for multiple days or planning on visiting different parks on your trip to Moab, then see if the America the Beautiful Annual Park Pass will work for you.
  • Pack plenty of water. Keep water in your car in case you run out on your hike.
  • Bring salty snacks. Replenish lost salts with electrolyte drinks and salty snacks. This is just as important as bringing water.
  • Get there early! One of the most beautiful things in all of Moab is a sunrise in Island in the Sky. 

Plan the adventure of a lifetime with a few days at the Island in the Sky district in Canyonlands National Park. Soak in incredible views and go on a few fun-filled adventures in this unique national park district.