Visit the Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park

If you’ve seen pictures of Canyonlands National Park, chances are you’ve seen photos of the Green River Overlook. The Green River lazily winds its way through massive red sandstone canyons. Towering buttes and tall mesas dot the horizon. The Green River Overlook is out of a fairy tale and here’s how to get there.

Accessing Canyonlands National Park

First, you'll want to head to the Island in the Sky district in Canyonlands National Park. Head north out of Moab and turn left on SR-313. After you pass Dead Horse Point State Park, you will reach the entrance to Island in the Sky.

Continue along the road until you reach the Upheaval Dome road junction. Turn right at the junction, then make your next (quick) left onto Green River Overlook oad. You'll pass through the campground before reaching the viewpoint parking lot.

Why Visit the Green River Overlook?

As one of the most accessible, and easiest viewpoints in all of Moab, the Green River Overlook is a must-see. Absolutely stunning scenery awaits you. The Green River can actually be green in color during certain times of the year and the contrast against the rich, red rock canyon walls are a sight to behold.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Green River Overlook?

You can visit the Green River Overlook year-round, but the absolute best time to visit is during sunset. Spring and fall usually boast the best weather, while summer is also a great time to stand on the canyon’s edge and watch the sunset. Winter can be extra dramatic.

Pro Tip: Pack a wind layer. Canyon rims are often windy and the Green River Overlook is no exception. Especially if you’re standing around for sunset, you’ll want a wind jacket to cut the sharp breeze.

How Long Should I Plan to Visit?

The trail to the canyon’s edge is only 0.2 miles round trip, taking about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the edge of the canyon and truly see the 180-plus-degree views of the Green River. Plan on spending around 30 minutes here if you are just passing by. For sunset, you’ll want to arrive early in order to snag a parking spot and get the full experience of the setting sun.

Notable Nearby Attractions in the Island in the Sky District

There are a lot of noteworthy stops near the Green River Overlook. You’ll pass directly by the Island in the Sky Campground, Willow Flats, if you’re lucky, you can book a camping spot here and enjoy the best of the Green River Overlook all times of the day. Other noteworthy attractions include:

  • Aztec Butte
  • Upheaval Dome and the Syncline Trail
  • Mesa Arch
  • Murphy Loop Trail
  • White Rim Overlook
  • Grand Viewpoint

Overall, the Green River Viewpoint is a noteworthy stop on any Canyonlands National Park itinerary. With its dramatic canyon views, you’ll find endless beauty in this magnificent landscape. Perfect for a relaxing sunset after a day out hiking and exploring nearby areas, the Green River Overlook can’t be missed.