Tips for Visiting Dead Horse Point Overlook

You’ve got to put Dead Horse Point Overlook on your Moab itinerary. With sweeping canyon views of the Colorado River this beautiful overlook juts out at the tip of Dead Horse Point, granting you 180-degrees of pure desert beauty.

Visiting Dead Horse Point Overlook

The overlook is located in the stunning Dead Horse Point State Park. To get to Dead Horse Point Overlook you’ll want to take US-191 North from Moab and turn left onto SR-313. Simply follow the signs to Dead Horse Point State Park.

It’s $20 to enter the park, but your pass is good for three days (senior discounts also available). Take the road inside the park until it ends at a large parking lot. Dead Horse Point Overlook is just beyond the sheltered area at the end.

Things to Do at Dead Horse Point Overlook

Dead Horse Point Overlook is an excellent place to start your day in the park. The views at the overlook all have low rock walls and paved walkways, making it an ideal stop for those with small kids or those who need some assistance.

For a mellow adventure, simply walk along the trails and soak in all the views. If you’re a hiker or biker, take the Dead Horse Point Rim Trail in either direction from the Overlook. Other activities include:

Pro Tip: Dead Horse Point Overlook faces south, so there’s lots of afternoon winter sun. For the best photographs visit the overlook during dusk or dawn. Since you have 180-degree views, it’s easy to position your camera for the perfect shot.

The Best Time to Go to Dead Horse Point Overlook

Dead Horse Point State Park remains open throughout the year. The best times to visit the park are during the spring and fall months. Typically the weather is mild to warm during these times, making it ideal to enjoy the gorgeous views.

During the summer, temperatures soar and the atmosphere is sweltering. If you plan on visiting during the summer, head to Dead Horse Point Overlook early in the morning or later in the evening.

Winter is also a lovely time to visit if you can handle brisk winds and colder temperatures. Pack a few warm layers to bundle up. If you’re lucky, you may just be treated to a desert landscape dusted in snow.

The best time to visit Dead Horse Point Overlook for photography is certainly for sunrise or sunset. Some of the best Moab sunsets can be found in Dead Horse Point State Park, so pack your tripod for this jaw-dropping viewpoint.

Overall, Dead Horse Point Overlook is a lovely outing suitable for all kinds of adventurers. Enjoy the view before setting out on a hike, or pack a picnic and spend some time wandering the beautiful canyon rim.