What to Know About Dead Horse Point Camping

Dead Horse Point camping offers an array of paid camping options. If you want to sleep under the stars, just minutes from gorgeous canyon views, you've got to book a Dead Horse Point camping adventure.

When Can I Camp?

Dead Horse Point camping is only allowed in designated campgrounds. There are two campgrounds within the park and two yurt systems. Each of these lodging options requires an advanced reservation .

Occasionally, there are campsites available on a first-come-first-serve basis if someone decides to cancel their reservation last minute. However, coming to camp without a reservation is not recommended.

How Much Does Dead Horse Point Camping Cost?

Camping in Dead Horse Point State Park costs $40 per night with one vehicle and $15 for each additional vehicle ($35 per night for hike-in tent sites). The maximum number of people per site is 8. Each site can fit a couple of tents or one RV.

Yurts cost $140 per night with an additional charge of $15 per night for each extra vehicle. Each of the fantastic desert yurts sleeps six.

Keep in mind that you are allowed to bring leashed pets to the campgrounds, but staying in a yurt with a pet is, unfortunately, not allowed. Dead Horse Point also has no water sources, so be prepared and bring your own water for your adventure.

Responsible Camping Near Moab

The desert is a sensitive environment. Life truly hangs in the balance here. Do your part to keep the desert healthy. Here are a few things you need to know before you camp at Dead Horse Point:

  • Don’t bust the crust. Stay on named trails and paths only. Cryptobiotic soil (the crusty, lumpy blackish-brown soil) is integral to the desert environment. It takes years to grow and helps stop erosion.
  • Pack it out. Pack out all of your trash while camping at Dead Horse Point State Park. This includes items such as fruit peels, cans, food waste, dog waste, and human waste (if no toilet is available). Compact trash before you use camp trash cans or dump your waste in the town of Moab.
  • Use provided toilet facilities. Human waste is a serious problem in the desert. Due to the dry conditions, it takes a while for waste to break down. Always use a provided toilet. If there’s an emergency, carry a designated WAG bag.
  • Do not gather firewood. It is illegal to gather firewood at Dead Horse Point State Park. Purchase pre-bundled wood in Moab or at the Visitor Center.

Dead Horse Point Campgrounds

There are two campgrounds at Dead Horse Point, the Kayenta Campground and the Wingate Campground. There are over 60 campsites in the park.

Kayenta Campground features 21 RV accessible sites of which 1 is ADA accessible and reserved for those with disabilities

Wingate Campground is better suited for tents. With 11 hike-in tent-only sites and 31 RV or tent sites of which 2 are ADA accessible.

One of my favorite things about Dead Horse Point camping is the covered picnic areas. You’ll get plenty of shade, plus you can leave the pop-up canopy at home.

Stay at a Yurt in Dead Horse Point State Park

One of the more unique places to stay in Moab is at one of the two Dead Horse Point yurt systems. Both the Moenkopi Yurts and Wingate Yurts offer a unique glamping experience. Stay at the Moenkopi Yurts for epic canyon views, right from your porch.

The yurts include heating/air conditioning, electrical outlets, and a propane grill (propane provided). Restrooms are located within easy walking distance. Camp at Dead Horse Point with a little luxury for your next desert getaway.

Overall, the best way to visit Dead Horse Point State Park is to spend the night. Enjoy the fresh desert breeze at one of the campgrounds or go on a luxury adventure with a night in a yurt.